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Pottery Series

Pottery Series

Pottery series product brings ceramics culture into life, concentrating on the development of distinctive porcelain, advocating the artistic articles of daily used and simplifying the art, trying to promote the development of ceramics industry.

Our main product is handcraft ceramics, pottery lamps, pottery sculpture, pottery tea set and etc. We will try to make further development of porcelain and ceramics, aiming to supply best artistic products for clients, make their life full of love and joy.

Glide Pottery: The appearance of glide pottery is with view of pottery arts. The pottery can feed fish & grow flower. The water inside is cycle flowing, you can feed some pieces of beautiful fish in it or grow some green plant.

Elegant Nature Environment. Setting a brume fixture and adding a few drops of essence in the water, the glide pottery not only adjust the humidity of air, but also cleans the air in the room. Whereeven it is put, inside the house or the small garden, is one kind of special flavor.

Pottery Lamp: Pottery Lamp is made by argil, make the mud soft and elasticity and after the embryoshape, sculpt on the surface and cavern out the lamp embryo, then get the pottery lamp. It can be a lamp and also a kind of very nice arts pottery with long culture, but through the elaborate sculpt arts, showing its exquisite excellent trait. The changing of the shape and device is deducting her fashion and sutra scrupulous enjoy you can feeling the intensive meaning.

Glaze pottery vase: Glaze pottery vase is with natural glaze color, special color combine and changeable glaze color, compact manner, adventurous unique, special shape. The embryo shapeis made by hand or by hand arts, after reshape and getting the glaze color, then use the fire with more than 1000 degree temperature to burn.